10 Films 10 Days 2016

  • ECA Work, Personal Work

Once again, I had the pleasure of participating, this time as ECA Alumni, in the annual 10 Films 10 Days event where participants are expected to create 10 films each in under 24 hours for 10 consecutive weekdays. We had 2 themed days this time in memory of Tsvetomira Nikolova, one of the animation tutors from Bulgaria who helped expand the project into the international collaboration it has become. On Day 5 we had to create an animation/music composition aimed at children and Day 10 had to feature an elephant. I completed 9 out of 10 due to other commitments, all 9 can be viewed here on vimeo.

As always, animators were encouraged collaborate with composers and vice versa as much as possible. I created 5 animations for compositions, had 2 compositions made for my films and 2 films with my own sound design using free sources.

Special thanks to my collaborators this year:

Alwani Badaruddin

Stuart Douglas

Daniel Holland

Khaleed Al Kammar

Laren Polic Zdravic

Qiandan Zhang