10Films/10Days/2Cities 2013

  • ECA Work
  • 07 Jan 2013
  • Edinburgh College of Art

The 10Films10Days project takes place during the 3rd year of the BA Animation degree at ECA. In a similar fashion to the 5Films10Days project in 2nd year, this project required students to create 1 animated film per day for 10 consecutive weekdays. The aim of these projects was not only to encourage fresh and unusual ways of working in what is normally a highly time-consuming and thoroughly pre-planned medium, but also to liberate us from any preconceived notions of what a completed “film” even is.

This year, for the first time, the project was run in collaboration with animation students at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia and post-graduate Composition for Film students at Edinburgh University resulting in a range of films designed for existing scores and scores composed for existing films in addition to the usual method of the animators simply sourcing their own sound.

All 10 of my film attempts can be viewed as a collection in the featured video, some were definitely more successful attempts than others!