Ayr Townscape Heritage Initiative

  • Commissioned Work
  • 01 Dec 2013
  • Ayr Townscape Heritage Initiative

I have been involved in 2 projects for the Ayr Townscape Heritate Initiative working in collaboration with the project leader Toria Cassidy, an Ayr-based film-maker.

For the first project I was hired as an animator on an educational film being made in collaboration with a local youth group. The film project and output was designed to teach the children and viewers of the film about Ayr’s history of witch hunting. My job was to work to a script and use the play-dough models built by the youth group to shoot a short animated intro sequence for the film. Some models requires minor work to reinforce the joints for animation purposes, but other than that great effort was taken to preserve the brilliant designs by the children. Lots of fun to work on!

The 2nd project was intended to celebrate the renovation work on Ayr’s famous ‘Pink Buildings’. Several artists had been commissioned to go and draw inspiration from the building site in order to produce a work of art which would be exhibited at the opening day once all the work was completed. Unfortunately I had to drop out of this project due to time conflicts, but I had a fantastic day on site gathering material, photographs and builder banter!