CITSEE Animated Documentary Parts 1 & 2 (EVENT POSTPONED)

  • Commissioned Work, ECA Work, Events
  • 30 Dec 2012
  • Igor Stiks - CITSEE, University of Edinburgh


3rd year animation students at ECA were given 2 projects that had to be led by an external client. The first was a collaboration with a research team led by Igor Stiks at Edinburgh University studying the effects of the collapse of Yugoslavia on the people’s sense of identity and citizenship. Their project is called CITSEE: Citizenship in South East Europe. Read more about it here.

We were asked to create a series of short animated films to accompany recorded interviews which would be used as the audio track. We each selected one interviewee and proceeded to edit down the interviews to a workable duration without altering the statements or overall opinions. Then we developed a visual idea that could add to the stories being told. My film, Divided, can be viewed above.

The film was later screened at the ECA Animation Film Show in 2014 and also screened as part of an ECA showcase at the Varna World Festival of Animated Film 2014 in Bulgaria. I attended this festival to help present the collected works.



In October 2014 Igor approached me about a plan for a longer documentary collating more of the material that the CITSEE research team had gathered and presenting it together with my original animation which would be developed in a longer piece to form a background narrative for the film. This would become an official collaboration between Igor, his CITSEE team at the University of Edinburgh and myself.

Pre-production and script development took place during October and November with production on the new animated sequences taking place in December.



The full documentary is due to be screened publicly for the first time at an event hosted by The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh University.

Originally due to be screened on January 28th 2016, but I have been informed that the event was postponed. Date TBC.