McLaren2014 – Norman McLaren: Animated Composer Event

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  • 08 Jun 2014
  • McLaren 2014

As part of the 2014 global centenary celebration of Scottish animator Norman McLaren the heads of the ECA Animation and MA Composition for Film courses developed an event designed to explore the fusion between sound and image which McLaren was very well known for. The event consisted of 2 days of workshops for the participating animators and composers which would provide us with the knowledge and inspiration to create a series of short collaborations to be screened and performed live at a concert featuring a string ensemble from the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra.

Workshop 1 (June 5th) was led by composer Joseph Hyde and gave us an insight into some of McLaren’s techniques and approaches to sound.

Workshop 2 (June 7th) was led by animator Jim Le Fevre and focused on his creation: the Phonotrope™.

The Phonotrope™ was selected also for its speed as we had to generate a fair amount of animated footage in time for the concert taking place on the 8th of June. Due to the looping nature of the Phonotrope™ the composers also had to work to the theme of loops which gave us the base of our project: everybody was work within the constraints of 1.33 second loops, or create material that could be used with a series of 1.33 second looping sounds/animations, and draw visual inspiration from McLaren.

The event took place at the Playfair Library and was great fun to work on from start to finish. To find out more about other events during the McLaren2014 celebration click here.