Prelude – Postponed Graduation Film

  • ECA Work, Personal Work
  • 31 Aug 2013
  • Personal Project

Prelude is an original animated short film that I have been slowly working on since 2013. The current narrative focuses on a single character struggling to come to terms with the loss of a once cherished musical ability. Though somewhat melancholic, visualised in a dark and dreamlike 2D drawn style, this film is being designed in close collaboration with 2 composers, Emilia Rovira Alegre and Deaf Joe, and is intended as a celebration of the transformative and everlasting nature of music.

This film was originally my intended graduation film. However, the project had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances and I ended up submitting several other commissioned projects towards my degree instead. I now plan to revisit the development and storyboarding stage in the next couple of months. Updates to follow soon.