USGRDCO Branding – Animation and Illustration

  • Commissioned Work
  • Katja Maas Design & USGRDCO

Once again in collaboration with Katja Maas I am providing ongoing character design, illustration and animation for her client USGRDCO, a start-up company based in New York. USGRDCO aims to solve tomorrow’s energy needs in a way that helps everyone transition towards cleaner, more sustainable energy supplies and more focused infrastructure such as micro-grids to eliminate energy waste.  Katja wanted to rethink the traditional approach to branding in the energy sector to make it more approachable and effectively distill everything down to the essence of USGRDCO: thinking about the future. Who better to explain why we should all be thinking about tomorrow than a child?

The first animation we made is intended to introduce the USGRDCO aims and can be viewed on the USGRDCO homepage. We also created a second version of the film used to get people thinking about tomorrow as we entered the new year 2016, this video is featured in this project page.

As the characters have become part of the identity of USGRDCO we also use them for illustrative needs in publications and online articles:

Meeting of the Minds – Fixing the Plane in Mid Air by Matthew Futch