What My Clients & Collaborators Say

Emília Alegre Rovira - Contra La Mort

"I think that you did an incredible job, Kayla. You are very talented and your drawings match perfectly with the mood of the music and the poems."

Jonathan Melville - Seeking Perfection Book Trailer

"The response has been fantastic."

Ryan Somerville - De Novo: Sun Music Video (draft)

"This is pretty amazing Kayla! I can't wait to see the final edit. I think you're really on to something with this style. I'm already thinking about the next video!"

Jeremy Tassone from 4 Leagues Media - Drawn to Fear movie illustrations

"Kayla these are FANTASTIC! My favorite is the hanging man!"

Katja Maas - USGRDCO Thinking About the Future Animation

"This short animation is my favorite work from 2015."

Igot Stiks (CITSEE) - The Divided - Animated Documentary

"Thank you for the great work you did for the film."